The Berrow Society

Foundation and Purpose

The Berrow Society was founded by Berrow Foundation Scholars in Geneva on 23 December 1999.

The Berrow Society's principal goal is to promote contacts between past, present and potential future beneficiaries of the Berrow Foundation Scholarship and the Berrow Foundation Lord Florey Scholarship and to encourage networking between the Society's members.

Furthermore, the Society disseminates information about the Scholarships to prospective candidates. Information sessions are organised by members of the Society in every eligible Swiss academic institution on a yearly basis.

In line with the spirit of these Scholarships, the Berrow Society aims at furthering Anglo-Swiss relations, in particular with regard to the University of Oxford and Lincoln College.

The Berrow Society is a non-profit association under Swiss Law. The Society's Statutes (available in French) were adopted by the founding members on 23 December 1999.

The Current Committee

President: Ramin Silvan Gohari (Email)
Honorary President: The Marquise de Amodio
Vice-President: Adriano Barenco (Email)
Treasurer: Jackie Hill (Email)
Secretary: Leandra Bias (Email)

Honorary Member

His Excellency David Moran, Her Majestyís Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Becoming a Member

Past and present Berrow Scholars are strongly encouraged to join the Society by contacting the Secretary and providing the following information:

- Name and Title (Mr, Ms, Dr...)
- Address for correspondence
- Email address
- Year of matriculation
- Current institution / company

The annual member fee of CHF 10.- is waived for current Scholars.
Please keep us informed of any change of address or contact details.

Contacting Past and Present Members

The Berrow Society maintains a list of all past and present Berrow Scholars' addresses. It is available only to Berrow Scholars. Please contact the Secretary to access it.

Berrow Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner

Annual meetings of the Society (General Assembly) are held in Switzerland, usually on the last Friday before Christmas so as to enable current scholars to attend. The meeting is followed by a Christmas dinner, providing an excellent opportunity for past and present Berrow Scholars to meet, maintain contacts and exchange gossip.

Details about the meeting's agenda as well as the location of the Christmas dinner is circulated to each members by the president, usually in the current of November.

The Meeting is organised as follows:

- Approval of last meeting's proceedings
- President's report
- Treasurer's report
- Election of new committee members
- Varia

Typical venues for the Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner include Lausanne, Geneva, Neuchatel, Berne, Fribourg and Yverdon-les-Bains.

A few pictures of Berrow Society events can be found on the following pages:
- Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner in Lausanne on 18th December 2015
- Berrow Society Dinner in Oxford on 17th October 2015
- Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner in Geneva on 19th December 2014
- Berrow Society Dinner in Oxford on 24th and 25th October 2014
- Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner in Bern on 20th December 2013
- Berrow Society Dinner in Oxford on 14th September 2013
- Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner in Yverdon-les-Bains on 21st December 2012
- Berrow Society Dinner in Oxford on 29th and 30th September 2012
- Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner in Fribourg on 23rd December 2011

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