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Tandem Server of the Lausanne University

Login to the Tandem server
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If you are not registered yet, you can do it for free with the link below:
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Using the tandem server
On this tandem server you can find a tandem partner without revealing any of your personal data like your name, email address, address or phone number.

Rules of good behavior
This is a serious website dedicated to helping people to improve their foreign languages. This is NOT a dating website! We will take all the necessary measures, including legal measures, in order to keep it free from improper language or any other kind of abuse.

In case of a question/problem/complaint
At any time you can contact the webmaster of this tandem server. He or she knows (almost) everything about tandems, computers, Internet and about how to catch bad guys. So if you have got a technical problem, if you can't find what you are looking for or if want to complain about another user, just contact us using the link at the bottom of each page or come to our office hours.

How it works
When registering, you choose a username. You enter your native language and the foreign languages you would like to improve using tandems. You descibe yourself and what kind of tandems you are looking for. Then you will see a list of potential tandem partners who fit your profile. According to what they say about themselves, you can choose a partner and contact him or her through the server which will transmit your message.

Only the username you choose for yourself and what you say about yourself and about what kind of tandem you are looking for will be published on the server. Potential partners will contact you without knowing your email address, your phone number, your address or even your name. You can also reply to their messages without knowing anything about them, through messages transmitted by the server. Like this you can communicate without risk until you trust your partner, then you can reveal your identity to him or her. You can of course choose which user categories can contact you. The number of messages per week and per month each user can send to contact new users is of course limited.

Identity check
For research purposes and in order to prevent abuses, we require that you enter your real name, birthyear and address, but this information will never be published. The server will show the difference between users whose identity we know for sure and users who entered their name and address but whose identity we could not check. We consider that we know for sure the identity of users who use an email address "" or "" and of users who came to the tandem reception hour with an ID card or equivalent.

How to meet a potential partner
If you find a tandem partner who seems to fit what you need, you have several possibilities to contact him or her. You can reveal your email address or phone number in a message sent through the server. You can also make an appointment in a public place and reveal your identity only after you are convinced that this person is trustworthy. If the site tells you that we do not know the identity of this person for sure, you can ask this person to come to our reception hour. After we have checked his or her identity, the server will show that this person is known to us. You can also have an exchange of messages through the server, organizing your whole tandem like this, without ever revealing your true identity.

Alternative contact methods
If you have got no email address which you read on a regular basis, you can ask to be contacted only through phone or mail. In this case people who are interested in having a tandem with you must come to our reception hour where we will reveal your phone number and/or address after they have shown us an ID card or equivalent. Your chances of being contacted are of course smaller in this case. You can also decide that you don't want to be contacted at all, in this case you can look for potential partners on the tandem server and contact them.

Maintaining your account
If you don't log into the tandem server for one month, you will get an email which tells you that your account is now inactive. Your information will no longer appear in the list of people looking for a tandem. This is to avoid these lists displaying too many people who are no longer interested or who have already found what they were looking for. With a click on a link you can reactivate your account in a few seconds.

Help the research
You will also get emails on a regular basis asking you about your satisfaction with the server and whether you found a tandem partner or not and whether this tandem is still active (not more than one every month). This tandem server is new and we need additional information in order to improve it.

We wish you a good time with lots of tandems!

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