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Tandem Server of the Lausanne University

Please fill in the form below to register for the tandem server
* marks fields which must be filled in.
! marks fields which other users can see when looking for a tandem partner on this website.
Choose a username * !:
Password *:
Confirm your password *:

On this email address you will get an email which will allow you to activate your account. Potential tandem partners will also contact you through this email address (without knowing it). If you use an address "" or "", the server will consider that your identity is known to us, which might make you more trustworthy in the eyes of potential partners.
Email *:
Your true name *:
First name *:

Some people with a name which is difficult to pronounce have got an English name or a name in another language for contacts with foreigners.
English name:
Other name:

This information will not be published on the website, we need it for research purposes.
Gender *:

Please fill in your true birth year, we need it for research purposes. It will not appear on the website.
Birth year *:
Function *:
Private address (street and nr.) *:
ZIP code:
City *:
Country *:
Phone office:
Phone private:
Phone mobile:

Choose here the language you want to teach your tandem partner.
Native language * !:
If "other" above !:

Choose a language here only if you are equally competent in both languages and if you want to use it for tandems too.
If perfectly bilingual !:
If "other" above !:

Choose here the languages you would like to improve using tandems. Click here for an explanation of the language levels.
Foreign language 1 * !:
If "other" above !:
Your level !:
Foreign language 2 !:
If "other" above !:
Your level !:
Foreign language 3 !:
If "other" above !:
Your level !:
Foreign language 4 !:
If "other" above !:
Your level !:
Foreign language 5 !:
If "other" above !:
Your level !:

Why should somebody choose precisely YOU for a tandem? Remember that all the information above (except for the username) will not be availble for people looking for a tandem partner on this website. We advise you not to reveal any real name, email address, phone number, address, etc. here. You can even write this text without revealing whether you are male or female.
In order to find a partner for a tandem that works well, be very precise here about your personal interests, your hobbies etc.
You about yourself
(max. 1000 characters) * !:

What do you expect from a tandem, e.g. "Lots of talking without too much grammar".
(max. 1000 characters) * !:

For face to face tandems, phone tandems, instant messages tandems and audio conferencing tandems, when will you be available for tandems, e.g. "Every day from 12 AM to 2 PM London time".
When available * !:

For face to face tandems, where will you be available for tandems, e.g. "Lausanne, UNIL, Humense".
Where available * !:

What kind(s) of tandem would you like to have? If you don't select any one, you will not appear in any list of availble tandem partners, but you can still look for tandem partners yourself and contact them.
Face to face:
Phone tandem:
Email tandem:
Instant messages (i.e. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger):
Audio conferencing (i.e. Skype):
SMS tandem:

How do you wish to be contacted by a potential tandem partner? We advise you to check "By email". Below you can restrict the kind of users who are allowed to contact you. If you are a woman, after coming to our reception hour you can select one more option which allows you to let only female users contact you.
By email:
By Phone:
By mail:
Allow the following users to contact me *:
When you are finished, please click OK
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