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  On this page you will find all kinds of documents related to teaching Biomapper, ENFA or related stuff. Please contact me if you have any material you would like to share with other Biomapperians.

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Hirzel A.H.
Presentation (powerpoint) English Evaluation of presence-only models with the continuous Boyce index and cross-validation. Presented at a workshop at the Castle of Rauischholzhausen (Germany) in 2006. (30 minutes).

Zip (649 Kb)

Hirzel A.H.
Presentation (powerpoint) English ENFA principles and various habitat suitability algorithms. Presented in Portland (Oregon, USA) in 2005. (20 minutes).

Zip (1.53 Mb)

Hirzel A.H.
Poster (powerpoint) English Presentation of ENFA principles and use.

Zip (954 Kb)

Hortal J.
Presentation (powerpoint), Course (PDF), and test data set (Idrisi, ASCII) Spanish A complete Biomapper course!

Zip (2.12 Mb)

Peter E..
Step-by-step guide (PDF) English How to use Biomapper 3

PDF (405 Kb)

Peter E..
Step-by-step guide (PDF) English How to convert files between ArcGIS and Idrisi/Biomapper

PDF (991 Kb)

Peter E..
Step-by-step guide (PDF) English How to compare and select between ENFA models on the base of Excel spreadsheets

PDF (760 Kb)

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