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NeHe's OpenGL lessons
Here are two lessons of NeHe's site that had not been ported to Delphi:

Lesson 23: Sphere environment mapping
  Rotate a metallic cube in a magnificent landscape. Use arrows to rotate the cube.

Executable (132 Kb)
Source (tested with Delphi 4) (34 Kb)

Lesson 25: Simple morphing
  Morphing between four geometric objects (one is just random). Use 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys to switch between the objects.

Executable (34 Kb)
Source (tested with Delphi 4) (11 Kb)

Updated on the 25th of June 2003 

GLScene planet
  This is a very simple demo showing how to display an earth map (borrowed from Sulaco's site) on a sphere and locations on its surface given by a set of longitude-latitude coordinates. The position of the sun is updated automatically and determines which parts of the world are in the night and which are in the day.

  This demo will ultimately be used to show where the GLScenians are living (so far only a few of them are represented).

  Well, this is actually only the beginning! This program seems promised to bright future with more and more GLScenians adding their competences to it.

  The latest version can be found here.