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Game features

   You are piloting a small spaceship in an asteroid field. Your goal is to find the spatial station located somewhere in the field. You canlocate it thanks to the beacon it is emitting regularly (a red squareblinking on your Head-Up Display (HUD). Once the signal has been located, navigate toward it.

  Your next mission is to enter the station through the bay located at its center. The bay exists only on one side of the station (whose shape should remember some well-known movie) and maybe hard to spot from too far away. You will see it as a black rectangle. To enter safely you must be correctly aligned with it, your rotation must be synchronised with the whole station and you must not fly too quickly.




Parameters included:
  • Boosters and jet stream attitude controllers
  • Inertia
  • Gyroscopic effects
  • Collision with asteroids and spatial station
  • Fuel and compressed gaz limited

Programming language: Delphi 6
3D-Environment: OpenGL, GLScene library
A 3-axesJoystick may be used


Executable (826 Kb)
Source (tested with Delphi 6 and CVS GLScene 02.01.2004) (227 Kb)

Updated on the 2nd of January 2004


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Updated 02.01.2004