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This section has been created in order to keep track of the conferences attended by the CBG members.

International Society of Computational Biology (ISCB) - Latin America 2012 - Santiago, Chile - March 17-21

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  • General info

The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) has held the ISCB Latin America Conference on Bioinformatics in Santiago, Chile, in March 17-21, 2012. This meeting constituted the second regional ISCB Latin America meeting, with the first held in Montevideo, Uruguay, in March 2010.

Conferences are key to the development and exchange of new ideas in science. Over the years many thousands of participants have attended ISCB’s annual ISMB conferences. As the majority of those attendees do their research in North America and Europe, the ISCB Regional Conferences aim to break the barrier imposed by high cost travel. How? By bringing a high quality conference, including lectures delivered by world-renowned scientists, to the regions of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Toward this aim, in 2009 ISCB began organizing a newer series of smaller, regionally-based meetings as part of its mission to advance the science through world-wide education and training activities. These regional meetings have included ISCB-Africa (Mali 2009, South Africa 2011), ISCB-Latin America (Uruguay 2010) and ISCB-Asia (Malaysia 2011).

ISCB also aims to provide more students the opportunity to discuss and participate in the latest developments in bioinformatics and computational biology by bringing these meetings closer to home. We hope the ISCB-Latin America 2012 has been the second of many conferences that will contribute to the growth of the field within this region and support scientific innovation across Latin America.

More than 250 people attended, primarily from countries in Latin America.

The first two days of the meeting (March 17-18) were dedicated to hands-on practical tutorials and workshops covering different topics of interest.

The main conference took place March 19th-21st and featured the following six topic sessions (Each session had two keynote speakers and six oral presentations. There were also two poster sessions):

Session I. Comparative Genomics and Evolution

Session II. Genomics, Proteomics, Metagenomics and Metabolomics

Session III. Macromolecule Structure/Function Prediction

Session IV. Computer Aided Drug Design and Docking Simulations

Session V. Biomedicine and Immunoinformatics

Session VI. Functional Genomics and Systems Biology

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The programme book of the conference

Poster presented at the conference

  • Selection of talks

"Function prediction at different spatial scales", Peer Bork, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

"Amazing protein folds", Manfred Sippl, University of Salzburg, Austria

"Using genomics to improve response to neoadjuvant therapy in patients with rectal cancer", Anamaría Camargo, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Brazil

"Using 'omics' data to study regulator-target interactions and organizational principles in networks", Yves van de peer, University of Ghent, Belgium

"On the evolution of PPI networks", Sandro Jsé de Souza, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Brazil