Journal Club (spring 2013)

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The Journal Club is every other Thursday, from 12-13, in the small meeting room. Feel free to bring your lunch.

The schedule is indicated below. If it is your turn, please indicate the paper you are presenting by Monday and update the calendar accordingly. It can be any paper of scientific interest. Alternatively, you can also give tutorials on any scientific topic that may be of interest to other members of the group or invite an external speaker.

September 13


The biological impacts of the Fukushima nuclear accident on the pale grass blue butterfly

September 27

Micha will present an old but interesting account of the birth and development of academia from the father of sociology. Durkheim, L'évolution pédagogique en France. full text

October 11


October 25


November 8


November 22


December 6


December 20 (or January)


And then...

Barbara Nadya Diana Aurelien Tim