Journal Club (spring 2014)

The Journal Club is every other Thursday, from 15-16, in room 219. Feel free to bring your lunch.

The schedule is indicated below. If it is your turn, please indicate the paper you are presenting by Monday and update the calendar accordingly. It can be any paper of scientific interest. Alternatively, you can also give tutorials on any scientific topic that may be of interest to other members of the group, organize a discussion on a scientific topic or invite an external speaker. Examples of past topics are given in the previous Journal Club (spring 2013)

January 9

David will talk about the nanopore sequencing technology

January 23

Micha has invited Gene Bunin for a discussion about his views on the current state of academia

February 6

Sina on The benefits of using genetic information to design prevention trials

March 6

Rico on the new servers

March 13

Tanguy on the human population admixture history.

March 20


April 10

Aurélien on modeling 3D facial shape from DNA:

April 24


May 22

Daniel will discuss two joint papers by the FANTOM (functional annotation of the mammalian genome) consortium that were recently published in Nature:

May 29

Vacation day

June 12

Cristian on using mass spectrometry in urine samples to reveal dietary exposure.

June 26

Micha on telomeres, stress and meditation

July 10

David about sorting out causation and correlation in GWAS data.