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CBG picture 2016a.jpg

Bugnon 27, 6. December 2016, left to right: Daniel, Micha, Soline, Tanguy, Andreas, Sarvenaz, Rico, Sven, Roger, Reyhan


CBG picture 2015.png

Epesses, 2. November 2015, left to right: Tanguy, Rico, Daniel, Roger, Micha, David, Sven, Sarvenaz, Reyhan (+TBA ;-)


CBG picture 2011.jpg

Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, 1. May 2011, left to right: Zoltan, Micha, Nadya, Armand, Diana, Sven, Aitana, Andrea, Rico, Sascha


CBG picture 2010.jpg

Lausanne, 11. Jan. 2010, left to right: Armand, Micha, Sascha, Tim, Bastian (jumping top row); Karen, Aitana, Diana (middle), Barbara, Gabor, Zoltán (bottom); Sven (lying :-)


CBG picture 2008.jpg

Lausanne, 16. Oct. 2008, left to right: Zoltán, Micha, Aitana, Sven, Diana (front), Barbara (back), Bastian (front), Karen (back), Alain, Toby (back), Gabor


CBG picture 2007.jpg

Lausanne, 5. Nov. 2007, left to right: Aitana, Diana, Bastian, Zoltán, Sven, Alain (front), Toby (back)


CBG picture 2006.jpg

Gryon, 7. Sep. 2006, left to right: Sven, Alain, Diana, Zoltán, Bastian