UNIL MSc course: Data Analysis I 2020

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  • Coordinator: Sven Bergmann
  • Lecturers: Sven Bergmann & Giovanni Cirello
  • Assistants: Marion Paxtot, Daniel Krefl
  • Schedule:
    • Lecture 1 "Probability theory" (Sven): September 18, 8:15-10:00 (Auditoire C, Genopode)
    • Exercises 1 "Probability theory" (Marion & Daniel): September 18, 10:15-12:00 (Auditoire C, Genopode)
    • Lecture 2 "Basic statistics" (Sven): September 25: 8:15-10:00 (Auditoire C, Genopode)
    • Exercises 2 "Basic statistics" (Marion & Daniel): September 25, 10:15-12:00 (Auditoire C, Genopode)
    • Lecture 3 "Multiple/nonlinear regression" (Giovanni): October 2: 8:15-10:00 (Zoom)
    • Exercises 3 "Multiple/nonlinear regression" (TBA): October 2: 10:15-12:00 (Zoom)
  • Materials: The lesson will roughly follow the course notes available at: [1] which are based on [2].
  • Exercises and grades
    • This course has no oral or written exam; instead students must submit their solutions to exercises.
    • The first set of exercises is a "warm up". A total score is the number of correct answers minus the number of incorrect answers (slightly incorrect answers do not alter the score). The grade is the score truncated at 6 (and zero). The deadline of submission is 27.9 22:00.
    • The second and third set of (slightly more advanced) exercises will have a similar weighing scheme. The final mark for each module is weighted average of all exercise sets. For the first module the weights are 1/4 for the first two sessions and 1/2 for the third session. For the second module all weights are equal.
  • Recordings are available on Moodle: [3]
  • Required software:
    • recent version of R (in doubt, simply download and install the latest version from the R website at [4] -- many potential problems are solved by simply upgrading to the latest R version)
    • RStudio (which you can download from [5])