UNIL PhD course: Biology for non-biologists 2019

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  • Coordinator: Sven Bergmann
  • Course idea and teaching goals of Biology for non-biologists:
    • Teach basic concepts of biology to students with no or little background in biology
    • The goal is excite the students by giving them some glimpses of biological fundamentals
    • Teaching is very informal giving enough time for discussion and questions.
  • Schedule for Biology for non-biologists 2019
  • Modules
    • Module 1: Basic building blocks of life: From molecules to cells | Module1slides
    • Module 2: Central dogma: Understanding the mechanisms and machinery for DNA replication, transcription and translation | slides
    • Module 3: Evolution: Reproduction strategies, selection, population genetics
    • Module 4: Cancer: When evolution works against you| slides
    • Module 3: Development: How cells organise themselves in space and time
  • Reading Material
    • Bruce Alberts at al. « Molecular Biology of the Cell », ISBN-10: 0-8153-3218-1 | slides
    • Richard Dawkins, « The Blind Watchmaker », ISBN‎: ‎0-393-31570-3
  • Teachers