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Micha Hersch


  • email: micha.hersch at


I am involved in the Plant Growth project from I mainly try to model the gene regulatory network of the shade avoidance mechanism in the model plant Arabidopsis Thaliana.

I develop HypoPhen, an image analysis software for the semi-automatic phenotyping of Arabidopsis seedlings.

I also work on a pharmacogenetics project trying to identify genes involved in the cardio-vascular response to beta-adrenergic stimulation in mice.

My scientific interests include dynamical systems theory, self-organization, statistical learning theory and large-scale biological data analysis. For additional information, you can consult my web page.

I did my ph.D at the lasa (EPFL), where I worked on bio-inspired motor control and artificial cognition for humanoid robots. See this page for more details on this.

And before this, I worked on automatic speech recognition at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley.

Academic titles


Look here

Teaching and outreach

  • I also visit schools and tell them about medical genetics as part of the gene days

How to reach my office

Take the M2 metro and get off at CHUV. Then follow the dots on the picture. You will then be standing in front of my office window. Knock on the window and I'll see you and open the door. The building is called Bugnon 27 (its actual address) and the office number is 027 (ground floor).