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First steps

Once you arrive at the CBG/DGM, here is the list of things you should do first.

  • Building keys and hardware lockers

Ask Suzanne to get your keys to access the building and your office. Once you have setup your desktop, ask for some cables to lock your hardware.

  • UNIL account

You will find here some useful informations concerning your personal access to the UNIL resources and services.

Open the pdf, fill it out, get it signed by your supervisor and send it to the Centre Informatique.

You will receive by post your username and password to will allow you to use all the services and resources at UNIL.

  • Wiki Access

Drop a mail to the Wiki Admin including your full name and you will receive account details shortly after.

You should then add yourself to the "people" page, and update your personal webpage User:Username, where username is your username.

  • CHUV card (canteen card)

Get your inscription form from Suzanne. Bring the form with your picture to the 3rd floor (entrance is at the 2nd floor) of Les Allières building (MP20-Media:CHUV.png).

  • Campus card (student card)

Fill in the following form Student Campus Card form and sent it back to the service des immatriculations at UNIL.

IT access

  • Printer

Connect to OKI MC560 (located in Suzanne's office). Look for the latest drivers on the web: http://www.oki.fr/support/printer-drivers/index.aspx


  • Access to the servers

Ask Rico to create you an account on the calculation servers we have here.

  • Registration to the DGM mailing list

Email carlo.rivolta@unil.ch and ask him to add you to the DGM mailing list.

  • Softwares available

Some softwares are under individual licence for which you will need to fill in a form in Suzanne's office.

To see what sort of softwares are available at UNIL

    • For PCs: Map the following network drive : \\distripc.unil.ch\soft and connect to it typing ad\username and entering your password (the one from your email account).


    • For Macs: Connect to the following server (cmd + k on the Finder window) afp://bigmac.unil.ch using your email username and password.
  • Services au personnel - Centre Informatique


  • UNIL Internal Portal


PhD Student Doctoral Programme

  • As a PhD student starting at the CBG, you will have to complete the PhD Doctoral Programme in Life Science which is about collecting 12 ECTS credits during your PhD by attending courses, conferences, tutorials... Details can be found here.

SIB affiliation

  • As a member of the CBG, you are member of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics . You will have to fill in the registration form according to the instructions. Please note that new arrival or new departure has to be announced by you at the SIB administration.
  • Usually at the end of January of each year, the SIB organizes the SIB days (2 days retreat) bringing together all the members of the SIB across Switzerland. Please make sure you register to this event. Next SIB DAYS will be on the 28th and 29th of January 2013 in Bienne!

Special foreigners arriving in Switzerland

You will find here a guide for the students starting at the UNIL, which contains very useful information. Other basic information can be found at this page.

  • Swiss residence permit

You will have to request it from the office of your town of residence. It usually turns out that the request is made by the DGM via Suzanne.

  • Medical care insurances

It's mandatory to have a health insurance once you arrive in Switzerland. Have a look at the official federal list of insurances and compare the offers with comparis.ch. Some additional information about the different health systems can be found in this article from la fédération romande des consommateurs.

Have a look at this page to get more information about insurances which offer special rates for foreign students and researchers. They offer a basic health insurance plan which can be taken out for a maximum of 6 years after your first arrival in Switzerland.

General info

  • Coffees

You can get Nespresso capsules from Suzanne for CHF 5/box.

  • Supplies

All kinds of pens, notebooks,Post-it, stamps, envelopes....can be found in Suzanne's office or at the 3rd floor (room 333).

  • Clothes locker

You can get your own locker for clothes. If you are interested, ask Suzane.

  • Water duty

Mineral water is provided by the CHUV. Once or twice a year it will be your duty to deliver it, check the calendar in office 113.

  • Google calendar

We share a google calendar where all kind of infos are written (vacations, conferences, lab meeting...). To get the access, ask any member of the CBG.

  • DGM meetings/CBG meetings/Journal clubs

DGM progress reports occur every Wednesday at 12:15, Spengler auditorium.

Internal group meetings are on Thursdays at 9:30, room 106

Journal clubs are generally on thursdays, at noon, room 106. Check the calendar!

  • Opportunity to buy a laptop

The UNIL offers 50% of the price of a new laptop (up to 1000 CHF). Ask Sven if interested and then visit the Service Informatique portal to make your order.