Welcome to the Computational Biology Group!

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Who are we?

The Computational Biology Group (CBG) is a research group embedded in the Department of Computational Biology at the University of Lausanne. The group consists of PhD students and postdocs and is led by Prof. Sven Bergmann.

What are our interests?

We develop and apply methods for the integrative analysis of large-scale biological and clinical data. Our goals are to improve fundamental understanding of how genetic variability affects phenotypes, to learn about underlying molecular mechanisms, and to make use of our insights to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease whenever possible Learn more. We are also interested in relatively small biological systems that can be modeled quantitatively. Here our goal is to better understand the properties of these systems that contribute their functionality such as robustness and evolvability under changing environmental conditions Learn more.

How do we work?

Most of our work is computational, which means we use computer algorithms to process and analyse data. Our analyses often have a statistical component to evaluate the significance of results. Whenever possible we describe our data using mathematical models. Sometimes these models can be solved analytically, but often we rely on numerical solutions and simulations. Some of our methods have a heuristic component, but we try to evaluate them rigorously and make them as practical as possible. We strongly believe in sharing our analysis tools and Open Science in general.

Our group seeks an interdisciplinary approach, bridging the traditional gaps between physics, mathematics and biology. Our lab collaborates with experimental and medical research groups.

General info on this wiki

This wiki is the main instrument to centralize and archive information on and generated by the CBG. Ask Michael if you have any questions or need an account.