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Genometrics Definition

Genometrics encompasses biometric analyses of chromosomes in order to identify features inherent to chromosome functioning and organization at the level of the whole genome. The word "genometrics" stresses the application of statistical methods to the study of genomic data and is coined like econometrics (blend of economics and metric, 1933). According to Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary already nine words end the same way: biometrics, cliometrics, econometrics, geometrics, isometrics, metrics, plyometrics, psychometrics, sabermetrics. The term "genometrics" is already used as a NIH department address. According to PubMed the word "genometrics" has never been used in a title or an abstract of a scientific article (October 2000), to the contrary of the term "genometric" (8 hits in PubMed, see below).

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