The BD FACScan is Becton Dickinson's earliest benchtop flow cytometer designed for applications ranging from routine clinical to advanced research. Samples are introduced through a stainless steel injection tube equipped with an outer droplet containment sleeve. The sleeve works in conjunction with a vacuum pump to eliminate droplet formation of sheath fluid as it backflows from the injection tube. Fluid controls allow you to select the fluidics mode and sample flow rate. It is equipped with a 15mW 488nm Argon Ion laser, the emitted light of which excites fluorecent dyes and is scattered by particles crossing it. The optical configuration of the BD FACScan allows measurement of two light scatter parameters at 90 and 0 degree angles and permits distinction of three fluorescent dyes. A MacG3 runs the FACScan using BD Cellquest v3.3 software. The instrument is available 24 hours/day and 7 days/week.

You can operate this device easily, with or without help from the core personnel (after attending a basic Flow Cytometer training).
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