BD FACSCalibur

The FACSCalibur is a 6-parameter flow cytometric analyzer also produced by Becton Dickinson.
It offers all the features of the FACScan, plus one additional laser, and one additional fluorescence detector.
In addition to the air-cooled 15mW 488nm Argon Ion laser it has a 9mW 635 nm diode laser.
The 488nm laser excites and collects data for forward scatter, side scatter, FL1 (530±30nm), FL2 (585±42nm), and FL3 (<670nm) as on the FACScans. The 635nm laser excites red laser exitable dyes such
as APC and collects data for FL4 (661±16nm).
A MacG4 runs the FACSCalibur using BD Cellquest Pro software, and, similar to the BD FACScan it can
store 10K cells/sample at 120 samples per hour.
You can operate this device easily, with or without help from the core personnel (after attending
the basic Flow Cytometer training).

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