The BD FACSCanto derives its name from the musical term "bel canto," meaning operatic singing that focuses on ease and purity of tone with an agile and precise vocal technique. This flow cytometer embodies these qualities through its simple optical design, and robust electronics that keep signals precisely separated at high acquisition rates.
The BD FACSCanto system combines an optical design for enhanced signal retention on twelve fluorescent and two scatter parameters, digital electronics for processing up to 10,000 events per second, and a novel sample injection tube supporting carryover of less than 0.1%.
The BD FACSCanto was in-house modified from its original 2 laser 6 color configuration to 3 lasers and 12 colors. The laser beams are routed via fiber optics to the beam-shaping prisms where the three lasers are projected onto separate spots in the flow cell. Here, the particles intercept with the laser excitation beams and optical signals are collected behind the flow cell with a gel-coupled collection lens. This optical gel, that has a refractive index matched to that of the lens, maximizes the efficiency of light collection. Scattered light and fluorescent signals are then focused onto the emission fiber pinholes. You can operate this device, with or without help from the core personnel (after attending a Canto specific Flow Cytometer training).

After hours access to this analyser is currently restricted to experienced in-house users. This analyser should only be used if one of the simpler ones (FACScan or FACSCalibur) is not appropiate for your experimental needs.
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