BC Gallios

The Beckman Coulter Gallios is currently located at the Division of Clinical Onco-Immunology at the CHUV.
The Gallios houses three highly reliable, solid-state lasers with 405nm, 488nm and 635nm excitation. Easily interchanged optical filters facilitates detection of a variety of dyes and wavelengths. An innovative forward-scatter detector provides up to three measurements of cell size and visualization of particles down to 0.404 µm in diameter.
A side-scatter detector incorporates an independently focused, high-performance photodiode with electronic attenuation. Simultaneous measurement of integral, peak and width are available for all parameters, including scatter and fluorescence signals.
A selection of up to 62 parameters can be processed per analysis, at acquisition rates of 25,000 events-per-second, with high yield.

You can operate this device, with or without help from the core personnel (after attending a Gallios specific Flow Cytometer training).
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