The BD LSR II SORP (Special Order and Research Product) system is firmly established as the flagship among Beckton Dickinsons (BD) flow cytometric analyzers.

It uses BD's patented octagon and trigon detection system. Using reflective optics and fiber-coupled PMTs ensures efficient light collection. The quartz cuvette is coupled to the emission lens by a refractive-index matching optical gel for optimum collection efficiency. This LSR-II SORP is built with 355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm excitation lasers offering a wide range of usable fluorescent markers and highest flexibility in experimental design.
It is particularly suitable for cell cycle analysis with UV excited dyes (such as DAPI or Hoechst 33342) combined with multicolor staining or for Ca2+ flux analysis with Indo 1. The 561nm laser offers several advantages for PE and PE-Tandem dye detection in contrast to 488nm excitation classically used.

The 5 SORP LSR-II should only be used if the LSR-II (4 laser) or FACSCanto (or the simpler Analyzers) do not satisfy your experimental needs.
After-hours access to these analyzers is currently restricted to in-house users.
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