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Social Sciences and Missions / Sciences sociales et missions

The journal Social Sciences and Missions / Sciences sociales et mission provides a forum for exploration of the social and political influence of Christian missions worldwide. Christian missions represent a unique site of observation for the study of modern societies, in the "north" as well as in the "south". This is the reason why missions constitute the "prime material" of the journal Social Sciences & Missions.

Our aim is not to study missions for themselves, but rather as "total social facts", an idiom, which history, anthropology, sociology or political science can use to analyse reality and give it meaning. This constitutes the originality of our approach to the best of our knowledge, Social Sciences & Missions is the only social sciences journal dedicated to this object of study.

The origins of Social Sciences & Missions go back to a series of occasional papers called Le Fait Missionnaire. Histoire et héritages Approche pluridisciplinaire, launched in 1995 at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Headed into its 26th volume in 2013, SSM is now published thrice a year by E.J Brill (Leiden) under the title Social Sciences and Missions / Sciences sociales et mission. For the journal's website at Brill, click here; for recent articles of the journal online, go to Ingenta or Swetswise. Some older articles can be downloaded for free on the present website.



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SSM 26/1 (2013)
Slavery and Missions (Guest ed.: J. Cinnamon)

SSM 26/2-3 (2013)

SSM 27/1-2 (2014)
Beyond Borders: "China" in Missions (Guest ed. M. Gewurtz)

Dr Yannick Fer becomes Book review editor for books in French; and Dr Jean-Marie Bouron joins the Editorial board (December 2012).

SSM 25/3 (2012)
Miscallenea - is out

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"Health, Healing, and Medicine in the History of Christian Missions and World Christianity", Yale-Edinburgh Group on the History of the Missionary Movement and World Christianity, Yale Divinity School, USA, June 27-29, 2013

"Rethinking Community. Religious continuities and mutations in late modernity", 32nd Conference of the International Society for the Sociology of Religion, Turku-Åbo, Finland, 27-30 June 2013 [link]

"Religious Education in a Global-Local World", University College Cork, Ireland, 29-30 August 2013 [link]

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