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Religion in Zimbabwe

Collection of links to sites, information and scholarship.
Realised by: Eric Morier-Genoud © 2004 (last update 22/07/10 )

   Historical Protestants
   More recent Protestants
   Other faiths
Academic articles


• Numbers of believers
Series of figures on the numbers of believers per faith organisation - often unreliable

• More figures, focusing on Protestants
Figures for 1995 and projections for 2005

• USA Report on Religious Freedom
USA Department of State's report on religious freedom - click on the year and look for Zimbabwe

Mugabe and the Church
Newspaper article from IPS (1998)



• Gonçalo da Silveira
Small article about this famous 16 th Century missionary

• Catholic dioceses
Chronology of the creation of dioceses in Mozambique

• Catholic Hierarchy
All about the dioceses, their statistics and bishops

Bishops' Conference
Catholic bishops conference - sophisticated page with internal links

Catholic Comission for Justice and Peace
Presentation, aims and contacts

Catholic Relief Service
Project, statistics, etc.

• Catholic Youth Movement
Contacts, projects, etc.

• Benedictines
Monastery of Christ the Word, Monte Cassino, Macheke

• Maryknoll sisters
Article about the first Korean sister's experience

• Maryknoll sisters - 2
Testimony of the life and work of a sister in the country since 1977

• Maryknoll sisters - 3
Sister Janice McLaughlin's testimony after returning to the country in 1997

• Oblate Fathers
Basic information about their presence and activities

Historical Protestants

Adventist Union
General information and contacts

Adventist Union - 2
All about the Church in Zimbabwe

African Orthodox Church / The Gospel of God Church
Biography of minister Gabellah, Elliot Mdutshwa, 1923 to 1988

Parktown Baptist Women's Missionary Union

Baptists - 2
Mother of Peace Orphanage Community

Baptists - 3
Mother of Peace Orphanage Community

Brethren in Christ Church (BICC)
Short history, links and statistics

BICC - 2
Links to the pages of the missionaries

Congregrational Church (United)
About the Church in Southern Africa and Zimbabwe

Elim International
Established in Mutare in 1949 and recently moved into Harare

Evangelical Lutheran Church
Some information and a directory

Evangelical Lutheran Church- 2
Article about Bishop Dube's installation (2001)

Methodist Free
Summary information about the church in the country

Methodist United
Series of links from the General Board of Global Ministries

Methodist United - 2
Articles about the 100 years of the church in Zimbabwe

Methodist United - 3
Biography of Abel T. Muzorewa

Methodist United - 4
Page of a lay missionary and his family

Methodist United- 5
Biography of Thompson D. Samkange, minister from 1893 to 1956

Nazarene church
Location, statistics, etc.

Nazarene church - 2
Biography of Ignatius Daka Chavanduka

Nazarene church - 3
Biography of July Ndhlovu

Pentecostal Assemblies of God
Basic information for the church started in 1948


More recent Protestants (arrived after 1960)

Set up in 1998, incorporating Maxaira Ministries

Bible League
American organisation in Zimbabwe

City Evangelical Church
Church in Harare

Mennonite Church
Working since the 1980 with BICC

Operation Mobilisation
South African ministry in Zimbabwe

New Apostolic Church
Contact details

Rock of Africa
Non-denominational mission by the Gwayi River

Job and church description

US International Ministries Group
In the country since 1984

World Vision
About this famous and controversial NGO's work in the country



Other faiths

• Jews
Page of Zimbabwe's Jewish community

• Jews - 2
Miscellaneous notes on the Zimbabwe Jewish Community

• African Jews
The Jews of Rusape - an African Jewish community

African Jews - 2
Article from The Jerusalem Post (1993)

• Baha'i
Page of the Zimbabwean community - high quality page

• Hindu
List of Hindu Temples in the country

• Church of Scientology
Harare and Bulawayo branches of Ron Hubbard's "church"

• Church of Jesus-Christ of the the Latter Day Saints


Academic articles

Religion in Zimbabwe: A Selected Bibliography

Terence Ranger, « Religion and War in Zimbabwe », in G. Palmer-Fernandez (ed.), Encyclopedia of Religion and War, London: Routledge, 2003

Nicholas M. Creary, «African Inculturation of the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe, 1958-1977 », The Historian, Summer 1999

Stephen A. Reed, «Critique of Canaan Banana's call to rewrite the Bible », Religion & Theology, vol.3, no3, 1996