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Religion in Angola

Collection of links to sites, information and scholarship.
Realised by: Eric Morier-Genoud © 2004

   Catholic Church
   Historical Protestants
   More recent Protestants
   Other faiths
Academic articles


• Number of believers
Series of figures on the numbers of believers per faith organisation - often unreliable Statistics by denomination

• Statistics by denominations
From the World Churches Handbook

• Traditional African religions
Statistical data over the century (based on Barrett)

• USA Report on Religious Freedom 1999
USA Department of State's report on religious freedom in Angola

• USA Report on Religious Freedom 2000

• USA Report on Religious Freedom 2001

• USA Report on Religious Freedom 2002

• USA Report on Religious Freedom 2003

• Religious Freedom World Report


• Inter Church Coalition on Africa
Webpage of this Canadian organisation with news on Angola

• Inter Ecclesiastic Committee for Peace in Angola (COEIPA)
Webpage of this Angolan organisation

Catholic Church

• Catholic dioceses
Chronology of the creation of dioceses in Angola

• Catholic hierarchy

• Catholic hierarchy - 2

Catholic Relief Service
Project, statistics, etc.

• Catholic University
Internet page on the Catholic University of Angola

• Apostolado
Catholic newspaper of Angola

• Radio Ecclesia
Angola's Catholic radio's web site - very rich

• Radio for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights
Documentation by Dr Hansjoerg Biener

• Congresso Pro Pace
Information about the Peace Congress held in 2000

• Diocese of Benguela
Rich page with pictures, homilies, reflexions, books to sell, etc.

• John Paul II in Angola
Some information about his trip to the country in 1992

• Dominican sisters
Short notice about their work in the country

• Immaculate Heart of Maria
All about the congregation's work since 1995 near the RDC border

• Jesuits in Angola
All the missionaries, with pictures

• Oblate fathers
Basic information on the congregation's presence

• Scheut missionaries
This congregation's activities in Angola

• Spiritan fathers
Site of this prime Catholic order in Angola, with news, interviews, etc.

• Spiritan fathers - 2
List and contacts of the missionaries

• Spiritan fathers - 3
News from some fathers

Historical Protestants

• Acção das Igrejas em Angola / Church Action in Angola (AIA/CAA)
Grouping of Protestant organizations

• Adventist Church
All about the Angolan Union

• Adventist Church - 2
Article about its sponsoring of a Religion & Human Rights Seminar

• American Leprosis Mission
Working for the last 50 years in collaboration with all Christian churches in the country

• Anglican Church
Page of the English missionary church & its magazine "MANNA"

• Congregational Church
Regional body and province of the church in Angola

• Jehovah Witnesses
Figures and magazine of the church

• Kimbanguist church
General presentation of the church and its leader

• Kimbanguist church - 2
About the construction of Kimbanguist University in Angola

• Mission Philafricaine
Famous mission founded by Héli Chatelain in Central Angola

• Mission Philafricaine - 2
Page of a women missionary

• Society for International Mission (SIM)
Continuing the work of AEF in Angola

• United Methodist
General article about the church in Angola

• United Methodist - 2
Series of links to pages and articles on Methodism in Angola

• United Methodist - 3
Two new bishops elected

• United Methodist - 4
All the church's project in the country

• World Alliance of reformed Church (WARC)
Article about youth leaders in Angola

• WARC - 2
Article about the Igreja Evangélica Reformada de Angola

More recent Protestants (arrived after 1960)

• Africa Inland Mission
The church and its activities in Angola

• Assembleia de Deus Pentecostal
Minimal information about this church (hosted on the site of the Bethel church)

• Christian Aid
Programs and news of this Protestant NGO

• Evangelical Lutheran Church
About the church in Angola

• Frontline Fellowship
"Evangelizing in the war zones"...

• Igreja MANA
Various news and facts about this Brazilian church

• Kwasizabantu Mission
A South African evangelical mission

• Medair
Young humanitarian organisation working in primary health care

• Medair - 2
Diary of an employee in Luanda

• Mennonite & Brethren in Christ churches
About the churches' activities in the country

• Mennonite & Brethren in Christ -2
List of contacts and other data

• Nazarene Church
All about the church's recent arrival in Angola

• Sepoangol Ministries
Evangelical missionary organisation working in lusophone countries

• Southern Baptist
The international Mission Board of the church

• Power to Win
Canadian Christian NGO working with Tony Silveira

• World Vision
The 'famous' evangelical NGO - its objectives, projects, etc.

• World Vision - 2
Notes from the field by the region's program officer

• Youth with a Mission
This evangelical movement's activities in Angola

Other faiths

• Jews in Angola - 1
Series of links

• Jews in Angola - 2
List of Jewish cemeteries and graves

Academic articles

• David Birmingham, « Merchants and missionaries in Angola »

• Didier Péclard, « Ethos missionnaire et esprit du capitalisme. La Mission Philafricaine en Angola, 1897-1907 »

• Benedict Schubert, « Les protestants dans la guerre angolaise après l'indépendance »

• Didier Péclard, « 'Eu sou americano': dynamiques du champ missionnaire dans le planalto central angolais au XXè siècle »