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Religion in Mozambique

Collection of links to sites, information and scholarship.
Realised by: Eric Morier-Genoud © 2004 (updated 3/02/12 )

   Historical Protestants
   More recent Protestants
   Other faiths
Academic articles


• Statistics
Official figures from the latest 2007 General POpulation Census
Official figures from the 1997 General Population Census - figures contested by Muslims and questioned by scholars

• Numbers of believers
Series of figures on the numbers of believers per faith organisation - often unreliable

• More figures, focusing on Protestants
With a suprisingly pessimistic view about the (future) growth of Christians...

Traditional African religions
Statistical data over the century (based on Barrett)

• Religions in Mozambique - Wikipedia

• USA Report on Religious Freedom 1999
USA Department of State's report on religious freedom in Mozambique - too many factual errors to be called 'serious'. Please use with great care.

• USA Report on Religious Freedom 2000
Report for the year 99/00 - with the same fundamental errors as the previous report, e.g. it is not true that there is a religious law, it is not true that there is only "one generic Muslim organization" registered with the State, etc., etc.

• USA Report on Religious Freedom 2001
Released on 26 October 2001. With the same errors as the previous reports. And new ones!!! For example, there wasn't 396 religious organisations in Mozambique in October 2001, but 579 according to the Direcçâo Nacional dos Assuntos Religiosos. It might be true that the Catholic university has educational facilities in Beira, Nampula and Cuamba. But it doesn't in Maputo. Etc.

USA Report on Religious Freedom 2002
Report for the year 2001/02. Improved significantly though there still are some errors and omissions.

USA Report on Religious Freedom 2003
Cut-and-paste copy of the report for 2002, with a few additions and the same mistakes...

• USA Report on Religious Freedom 2004
Improved report, but to be used with care. There still are mistakes and approximation, e.g. it is false to say that only one generic Muslim community and the Ismaili are recognised by the DNAR - the Islamic Congress is recognised too as well as the Conselho Islamico, Apelo Islamico, etc..

• Subsequente USA Report on Religious Freedom

• "Alter ego", ethnographic notes on religion in Mozambique


• Adamgy family
Article about their practicing Ramaddan in Lisbon

• Africa Muslim Agency
Documents from the South African branch of this humanitarian organisation

• Al Furquán
Journal and site of the Portuguese Muslims (done by a Mozambican)

• Al-Jamiat
Report from this South African organisation on relief aid to the country in 2000

• Biographies of Muslim leaders
From the Contemporary Africa Database project

• Comunidade Mahometana
One of Mozambique's Muslim organisations

Aga Khan Development Network's programmes for Mozambique

• Ismai´lis - 2
Article about a meeting between the Aga Khan and President Chissano

• Mosques & Islamic organisations
Adresses and e-mail

• Mosque of the Baixa, Maputo
Photograph before its destruction in August 2002 (for reconstruction)

Mosque of Cabaceira & Gulamo, Nampula Province

Muslim Hand
American humanitarian organisation

• Muslim holiday affair
Notmoc's on-the-spot analysis of this 1996 political controversy

• PIMO (Partido Independente de Moçambique)
Article in Spanish about this self-proclaimed Muslim party

Saudi Press Agency
News items concerning Mozambique

UK Muslims®ion=africa&country=Mozambique
English Muslims' aid to Mozambique (click on Mozambique on the map)


• Catholic Mozambique in 1644
Historical document describing Mozambique/Monomotapa at the time

• Gonçalo da Silveira
Small article about this famous 16 th Century missionary

• Catholic Encyclopedia
History of the Catholic church up to 1911

• Catholic dioceses
Chronology of the creation of dioceses in Mozambique

• Catholic Hierarchy
All about the dioceses, their statistics and bishops

Cathedral of Maputo

Church of Polana, Maputo
More photographs of the same church: Photo 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

Church of Cabaceira, Nampula province
Photographs of what would be the first church built in Mozambique

Conferencia Epicopal de Mocambique
Official page of the Church

• Caritas
Impressive site of the Mozambican branch of the organisation

• Catholic University

• Catholic University - 2
A little history about the Catholic University in Mozambique

• John Paul II in Mozambique
Some information about his trip to the country in 1988

• Cardinal Alexandre dos Santos
Biography and photography

• Cardinal Alexandre dos Santos - 2
Extensive biography from the "Daily Catholic" newspaper

• Ordination of Adriano Langa
Ordination of the Auxiliary bishop of Maputo

• Adriano Langa's discourse
Speech made on the occasion of his ordination

• Conseil Pontifical
Mission of Mgr J.P. Cordes, President, to Mozambique after the floods, 9-12 mars 2000

• Developpement & Paix (Canada)
Emergency aid to the country

• Benedictin / Délégation Catholique pour la Paix
About their presence in the country

• Consolata Fathers
About the Institute's activities in Mozambique (click on Mozambique on the map)

• Consolata Fathers - 2
Father Vasco Gomes da Costa Campos, 1945 - 2001

Consolata Fathers - 3
Homily for two late Consolata missionaries

• Dominican sisters
Basic information about the sister's work in the country

Equipa d'Africa
Social projects of the Youth of Nossa Senhora

• Franciscan Fathers
Letter from Hilario Massinga (March 2000)

• Jesuits
Obituary of Cirilo Mateus, Jesuit superior of the region of Mozambique

• Jesuits - 2
Letter from Father Schultheis in Beira

Julio Meneses Rodrigues Ribeiro
Memoirs of a lay missionnaires (4 volumes!)

Leigos para o Desenvolvimento Volunteer Missionaries to the World (Portugal)
Present in the provinces of Niassa e Tete

• Maryknoll Fathers
New religious congregation in Mozambique, arrived in 1997 in Niassa

• Montfort Fathers
Very little information about the society's work in the country

• Salesian fathers
Activities at the São José mission in Lhangene (Maputo)

• Salesian fathers-2
Activities of the Salesian fathers in Mozambique

• Sant' Egidio
The (peace negotiators) community's presence in the country

• Scheut missionaries
New order, arrived in Mozambique in 2000

• Secular Franciscan fathers
Some information about their presence in Mozambique

Sisters sof the Sacred Heart of Mary
Short history of the institute in the country

• S. João Baptista
Congregation working in Nampula province

• Spiritans in Mozambique
Arrived in the country in 1996

• Vicentines / Association of the Miraculous Medal
Report of a visit by the superior general

Historical Protestants

Christian Council of Mozambique
Ecumenical Council linking 20 Protestant institutions

Adventist Church All about the Mozambique Union's work

Adventist - 2
Article about a visit of the President of the church in 1999

Anglican Church
Wonderful official (?) page of the church, with an online newspaper

Anglican Church - 2 About the Lebombos diocese (Southern Mozambique)

Anglican Church - 3
General information about the Southern African province

Anglican Church - 4
English missionary church and its magazine called "MANNA"

Anglican church - 5
Rich page of the Angola, London and Mozambique Association, diocese of London

Anglican church - 6
Report of Rev. Canon David Hamilton (USA) on the Mozambique 2000 floods

Assembly of God
Igreja evangelica Assembleia de Deus in the province of Niassa

Assembly of God - 2
World Wide Mission - South African department of the AoG

Bible Society in Mozambique
Good newspaper article with historical facts

Free Methodist World Missions
All about the church in Southern Mozambique

Free Methodist World Missions - 2
Two missionaries working between Zimbabwe and Mozambique

Jehovah Witnesses
Figures and magazine of the church

Nazarene Church
All about the church and its presence in the country

Nazarene Church - 2
Rich page of two missionaries

Nazarene Church - 3
Short biographies, from the beginning of the century to today

• Nazarene Church - 4
Rich page of an American missionary family

Presbyterian church / Swiss Mission
All about this major church in Mozambique

Presbyterian / Swiss Mission - 2
List of the projects of the Swiss DZpartement Missionnaire's work

Presbyterian - 2
About a specific project in Gaza province

Presbyterian - 3
Profile of Presbyterian missionnairies

Presbyterian - 4
Karen and Bill Butt letters from the field

Reformed Church
All the basics about the church in Mozambique

Reformed Church - 2
Long article in Dutch

Reformed Church - 3
Article about the Reformed Church

Society for International Ministries (SIM)
Continuing the work of AEF in northern Mozambique

SIM - 2
About two missionaries and their work in Mozambique

SIM - 3
About two other missionaries

United Baptist Church
Carrying on the Scandinavian Baptist mission's work in collaboration with SIM

United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA)
About the Church in Southern Africa and Mozambique

United Methodist
Links to pages and articles about Methodism in Mozambique

United Methodist - 2
Rich page about the "Mozambique Initiative" - to build covenant relationships between Mozambique and the USA.

United Methodist - 3
Page in German with, among others, the bios of German missionaries

United Methodist - 4
Biography of the Methodist missionaries in Mozambique

United Methodist - 5
Bishop Recipient of the Distinguished Peacemaker Award

United Methodist - 6
Page of two German missionaries

Wesleyan Methodist Church
About the church's activities in Mozambique

More recent Protestants (arrived after 1960)

Africa Christian Faith in Action
Lots of information about their work in Mozambique and Sudan

African Inland Mission (AIM)
About their activities and projects in the country

African Inland Mission - 2
Information from AIM-Canada

Alpha e Omega em Moambique - movimento estudantil brasileiro

Baptist Convention
Basic information about the church in Mozambique

Brethren in Christ
Arrived recently in Mozambique from Malawi

Christ for the Nations International
Bible school in central Mozambique (photos and adress)

Coastlands Christian Centre
Church in the USA helping pastors in Mozambique

Elim Mission
Working in Mozambique in collaboration with AIM

Frontline Fellowship
Church made famous for working with Renamo during the war

Good News Ministries
South African outreach to Mozambique

Good News in Africa
Rich page of two American missionaries

Hand in Hand International Missions for Africa
Newsletter and other information about this South African movement

Harvest Church
New church in Mozambique

Igreja do Novo Testamento

Iris Ministries
Small mission with a orphanage in Maputo

Jesus Alive Ministries
Small South African born-again organization

José Moreira Ministries Inc
USA-based evangelical ministry

Kalibu Ministries in Mozambique
Rich page of what used to be called Shekinah Ministries

Lifeline Ministries

Lifeline Ministries - 2

Lutheran World Federation
About the humanitarian arm/NGO of the church

Maforga Mission /R.E.A.P.

Maforga Mission - 2
Letters from a missionary

News and facts about this Brazilian church newly arrived in the country

Mennonite Church
About the church's new activities in the country

Mennonite Church - 2
History of the church in Mozambique (in Spanish)

• Mission Aviation Fellowship
MAF multiplies the effectiveness of the Church to reach people (sic)

New Apostolic Church
Site of the South East region with information on Mozambique

• New Tribes Mission

OMS International
Formerly the Oriental Mission Society

Open Doors
Article about their work in the country

Pentecostal Assemblies of God - 1
Canadian PAOC working in Mozambique

Pentecostal Assemblies of God - 2
About their missionaries in the country

Operation Mobilisation
A new missionary organization in Mozambique

Preach Evangelistic Ministries
Ministry to Lusophone countries

Resurrection Fellowship - Afrika Wa Yesu
Report from trip in 2001

Resurrection Fellowship - 2
Two missionaries'page

Resurrection Fellowship - 3
two other missionaries'page

Georgian Banov's crusades

American Friends Service Committee's programmes in Mozambique

Sepoangol Ministries
Evangelical mission working in Lusophone countries

Southern Baptists
Presenting the activities of this American church in the country

Southern Baptists - 2
All about their ministry among the Makua

Southern Baptists - 3
Article from a Baptist newspaper about work in Chimoio

Teens Mission International
Ministry dedicated to youth - started with an orphanage in 1997

Vila Maninga
Small English charity working near the Zimbabwean border

South African Bible School established in Macia (Gaza province)

World Relief
About the work of this humanitarian arm/NGO of the American National Evangelical Foundation

World Vision
About this famous and controversial NGO's work in Mozambique (old page)

Youth With a Mission
Main page about the movement in Mozambique

Youth With a Mission - 2
Page of the South African branch of the movement

Youth With a Mission - 3
About two missionaries in Lichinga (Niassa province)

Other faiths

Orthodox Church
About aid given in Mozambique

Report of the first visit of a Hindu saint to Mozambique (scroll down to April 23d)

Nice page with a little history and a word about the situation today

Judaism - 2
Links to other sites with info about Jews in Mozambique

Judaism - 3
Long article about the community in Mozambique

Judaism - 4
Some info on the community

Comunhão Espírita Cristã
Spiritism in Maputo

Transcendental Meditation
This newsletter refers to President Joaquim Chissano's participation at the graduation ceremony at the Maharashi University

Transcendental Meditation - 2
The Maharashi in Mozambique (presented by its detractors)

Transcendental Meditation - 3
Transcendental meditation in the army

Transcendental Meditation - 4
Long article about how Maharashi' supposedly brought an end to the war in Mozambique (with further links)

Transcendental Meditation - 5
The English Natural Law/Transcendental Party's page about Maharishi' achievements in Mozambique

Transcendental Meditation - 6
Issue from the (Maharishi's) "Review" magazine, with an article about Mozambicans at the US Maharashi University

Transcendental Meditation - 7
Issue from the (Maharishi's) Enlightment magazine with an article about President Chissano attending a Maharashi meeting in New York

Transcendental Meditation - 8
Page with testimonies of famous followers of the Maharashi - with a long citation of Joaquim Chissano

Transcendental Meditation - 9,3604,556139,00.html
Article from "The Guardian" newspaper (UK) where TM claims to have put down "an insurection" in Cabo Delgado in the year 2000...


Academic articles

Patrick Harries, « Christianity in Black and White. The Establishment of Protestant Churches in Southern Mozambique »

Eric Morier-Genoud, « Of God and Caesar. The Relation between Christian Churches & the State in post-colonial Mozambique, 1974-81 »

Dom Dinis Sengulane & Dom Jaime Gonçalves, « Christian Leaders and the Quest for Reconciliation in Mozambique »

Eric Morier-Genoud, « The Politics of Church and Religion in the First Multiparty Elections »

Eric Morier-Genoud, « Archives, historiographie et églises évangéliqes au Mozambique »

• Michel Cahen, « L'Etat Nouveau et la diversification religieuse au Mozambique, 1930-1974. I. Le résistible essor de la portugalisation catholique (1930-1961) »

• Michel Cahen, « L'Etat Nouveau et la diversification religieuse au Mozambique, 1930-1974. II. La portugalisation désespérée (1959-1974)»

• Michel Cahen, « Le colonialisme tardif et la diversification religieuse au Mozambique (1959-1974) »

• Edward Alpers, « L'Islam au service du colonialisme ? La stratégie portugaise pendant la lutte armée de libération au Mozambique »

• Liazzat J.K. Bonate, « Islam and Chiefship in Northern Mozambique »

Jan van Butselaar, « La culture des 'gens de la prière'. La vie d'une communauté protestante au Mozambique à la fin du XIXè siécle »

Nicolas Monnier, « Stratégie missionnaire & tactiques d'appropriation indigènes. La Mission Romande au Mozambique, 1888-1896 »

Nicole Khouri & Joana Pereira Leite, « Les indiens dans la presse colonial portugaise du Mozambique. 1930-1975 »

Joel das Neves, « A American Board Mission e os desafios do protestantismo em Manica e Sofala (Moçambique), ca. 1900-1950 »

Teresa Cruz e Silva, « Educaçao, identidades e consciência politica : a missao suiça no Sul de Moçambique (1930-1975) »

Zélia Pereira, « Os Jesuitas em Moçambique »

Severino Ngoenha, « Os missionarios suiços face ao nacionalismo moçambicano. Entre a tsonganidade e a moçambicanidade »

Victor Agadjanian, « As Igrejas ziones no espaço sociocultural de Moçambique urbano (anos 1980 e 1990) »

• Peter Fry, « Espírito Santo contra o feitiço e os espíritos revoltados : "civilização" e "tradição" em Moçambique »