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N°13/October 2003

War, Peace and Religion / Religion, Guerre et Paix

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Vincent Foucher
"Church and nation. The Catholic contribution to war and peace in Casamance (Senegal)", pp.11-40

Matt Samson
"The Martyrdom of Manuel Saquic. Constructing Maya Protestantism in the face of war in contemporary Guatemala", pp.41-74 [free download]

Christine Messiant
"Les Eglises et la dernière guerre en Angola. Les voies difficiles de l'engagement pour une paix juste", pp.75-117

Eric Morier-Genoud
"Sant’ Egidio et la paix. Interviews de Don Matteo Zuppi & Ricardo Cannelli", pp.119-145 [Read here in *.pdf]

Book reviews
Mgr. André PERRAUDIN, "Un évêque au Rwanda", Editions Saint Augustin, 2003 (Ian Linden); Carrie PEMBERTON, "Circle Thinking: African Women in Dialogue with the West", Leiden, Brill, 2003 (Heike Walz); Fred HALLIDAY, "Islam and the Myth of Confrontation", London/New York, I.B. Tauris, 2003 (Pierre Willa); J. D. Y. PEEL, "Religious Encounter and the Making of Yoruba", Bloomington & Indianapolis, Indiana University Press, 2000 (Guy Thomas); Meredith MCKITTRICK, "To Dwell Secure. Generation, Christianity, and Colonialism in Ovamboland", Portsmouth, Heinemann ; Oxford, James Currey; Cape Town, David Philip, 2002 (Dag Henrichsen); Allison HOWELL, "The Religious Itinerary of a Ghanaian people. The Kasena and the Christian Gospel", Achimota : African Christian Press, 2001 (Ulrike Sill); pp.147-160