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N°14/July 2004

Catholicism in Southern Africa

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Andreas Eckl
"Serving the Kavango Sovereigns' Political Interests. The Beginnings of the Catholic Mission in Northern Namibia", pp.9-46 [read here in *pdf]

Marja Hinfelaar
"Well-known Catholic Women. The Public and Political Role of the Chita chaMaria Movement in Mbare Township, Zimbabwe, 1945-65", pp.47-73

Zélia Pereira
"Les Jésuites et la formation d'élites au Mozambique, 1961-1974", pp.75-116

Nicholas Creary
"Jesuit missionary perspectives on the formation of African clergy and religious institutes in Zimbabwe, c.1922-1959", pp.117-145

Book reviews, pp.147-155
Timothy Byrnes, Transnational Catholicism in Postcommunist Europe (Jean-François Mayer); Erza Chitando, Singing cultures. A study of Gospel music in Zimbabwe (Wendy Urban-Mead); José Barreto, Religião e Sociedade. Dois Ensaios (Eric Morier-Genoud); Afonso Nteka, Construtores do Reino. Reflexão sobre a acção evangelizadora dos Catequistas na Diocese de Uige, Angola (Didier Péclard); Danièle Hervieu-Léger, Catholicisme, la fin d'un monde (Christian Indermühle)