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Volume 23/2. 2010

Dynamics of missions / Dynamique missionnaires

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Introduction. Dynamics of Missions
Eric Morier-Genoud and Wendy Urban-Mead

Making Chengdu “The Kingdom of God as Jesus Conceived It”: The Urban Work of West China Union
Jeff Kyong-McClain

Être catéchiste en Haute-Volta à la fi n de la période coloniale : Affi rmation d’un personnage prosélyte, transformation d’une personnalité sociale
Jean-Marie Bouron

Complexity in the Missionary Experience: The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in Upper Congo
Phyllis M. Martin

Contesting Promised Land: Moravian Mission Land Conflict in South Africa around 1900
Anne Folke Henningsen

Making Sense of Martha: Single Women and Mission Work
Andrea L. Arrington

Book Reviews
Martin Wyatt, A Missionary Family in Nigeria and Uganda (Elaine Doyle); Waibinte E. Wariboko, Ruined by ‘Race’: Afro-Caribbean Missionaries and the Evangelisation of Southern Nigeria, 1895-1925 (Elaine Doyle); Stephan F. Miescher, Making Men in Ghana (David H. Anthony, III); Michael Albrecht, Veit Arlt, Barbara Müller and Jürg Schneider (eds.), Getting Pictures Right: Context and Interpretation (David H. Anthony, III); Nigel Scotland, Squires in the Slums: Settlements and Missions in Late-Victorian London (Dwight P. Baker)

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