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Oriane Loiseau

My research interests are tropical botany, phylogenetics, macroevolution and biogeography.

I joined the group as a PhD student in June 2014 to work on plant diversification in the Neotropics. My project focuses on four key groups of the neotropical flora : Cyatheaceae, Geonomateae   (Arecaceae), Grammitids ferns (Polypodiaceae) and Tillandsioideae (Bromeliaceae).

The first part of my project aims at characterizing the patterns of diversification in each group and identify radiations. Time-calibrated phylogenies will be used to estimate diversification rates and test for diversification rate shifts. One question I am interested in is whether more mature radiations exhibit diversification slow down in comparison to younger ones.

In a second time I will try to identify the drivers of diversification to disentangle alternative scenarios of evolution. I will assess the importance of geographic vs ecological factors in species radiations.

During the first year of my PhD I will be involved in two fieldwork campaigns to increase the current sampling of the four groups. The first one will take place in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia (July-October 2014) and the second one in Costa Rica (February-March 2015).

Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation

From left to right :
Bromeliads in Estacion Cientifica San Francisco, near Loja, southern Ecuador
Geonoma in Abra Patricia reserve, near Alto Mayo, northern Peru
Tree fern in Manu National Park, Southern Peru
Grammitid fern in Rio Bombuscaro Reserve, near Zamora, Southern Peru
Written on Friday November 21, 2014