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Postdoc in computational biology and evolutionary modeling

One postdoctoral position is available in my group in the Department of Computational Biology of the University of Lausanne. The aim of the project is to develop and improve current methods to estimate the rates of evolution of phenotypic traits along phylogenetic trees.

Interested candidates should apply by uploading a letter describing your research motivation and experience, a detailed CV and contact details of three referees to the following website.

The main first objective of the position is to develop a novel model testing framework to further understand the evolution of the variance in phenotypic traits within a macro-evolutionary framework. The second objective is to model the evolution of phenotypic traits across speciation events to better understand the relationship between macro-evolutionary models and micro-evolutionary processes.

Profile requirements

The ideal candidate should be an autonomous and ambitious person with enthusiasm for inter-disciplinary work, who will need to interact productively with evolutionary biologists, genome biologists and computer scientists, and read the corresponding range of scientific literature. Candidates must have completed their PhD degrees or equivalent in a relevant field.

The requirements include a strong mathematical or statistical and computer science background and deep interest in computational biology and theoretical aspects of evolutionary biology. Previous experience with evolutionary biology and/or computational biology is also expected.

Working environment

The successful candidates will be part of the Department of Computational Biology of the University of Lausanne as well as the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. The Department of Computational Biology of the University of Lausanne offers a supportive and stimulating environment, with access to excellent computer and academic facilities.

Contact details

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information on these positions.

To apply, please upload the following documents to this address

  • a letter describing your research motivation and experience
  • a detailed CV
  • contact details of three referees

The application deadline is set to March 1st 2018 and the start date will be discussed with the candidates.

Nicolas Salamin

Written on Monday February 12, 2018