Computational Phylogenetics
... Molecular Data, Evolutionary Modeling and Computational Tools

Students and Others

We have two master students in the group this year:

  • Anna Marcionetti: "Comparative transcriptomics of pollination shifts", supervised by Martha Serrano
  • Emily Staub: "Evolution of proteins classes in vertebrates", supervised by Linda Dib


Former students and visitors


Master projects
  • Laure Cattin: "Investigating how the different life-history characteristics of species influence vertebrate age, using comparative analysis", co-directed by Sylvain Dubey
  • Laurélène Faye: "Evidences for depth specific selection pressures on LWS cone opsin and body morphology in clownfish", supervised by Glenn Litsios
  • Rémi Matthey-Doret: "Habitat settlement strategy impacts on clownfish response to habitat destruction", supervised by Glenn Litsios
SUR program
  • Usama Mukhtar: "Positive selection in opsin genes in the clownfish"



SUR program
  • Chantal Hoff: "Coevolution in mammalian genes"
Civil service
  • Nils Arrigo: "Grassweb database" (July to October 2012)
  • Balazs Laurenczy: "Grassweb visualisation" (April to September 2012)



SUR program
  • Addison Martin: "Evolution of AMF genes for phosphate intake", with Prof. Uta Pazkowski



Master projects
  • Sarah Burgy: "Evolution of the ecological niche in invasive species of the Polygonaceae family", supervised by Anna Kostikova
  • Jonathan El-Assad: "Phylogeography of Abies alba in the Western Alps"
  • Eros Gentilini: "Population structure and phylogeography of Ambrosia artemisiifolia",  co-directed by Antoine Guisan
  • Maïté Guignard: "Mode of speciation in the Codonanthe Nematanthus species complex", co-directed by Mathieu Perret (Botanical Gardens Geneva).
SUR program
  • Carrie A. Simms: "Niche evolution in clownfish"



Master project
  • Glenn Litsios: "Generation time and molecular clock effects on ancestral character inference". Glenn has developped an automated pipeline to do the simulations
Written on Sunday October 6, 2013