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A package for the statistical software R developed by Jérôme Goudet.


HIERFSTAT is a package for R allowing to estimate F-statistics and variance components with the methods of moments for any number of levels in a hierarchy. The package also allows to test the significance of population differentiation using the likelihood ratio G-statistic or the variance components. A short note describing the package is available here.

The correct citation for this package is:

Goudet, J. (2005) Hierfstat, a package for R to compute and test hierarchical F-statistics. Molecular Ecology Notes. 5: 184-186 [pdf]. Latest version available at github .

To install it, you first need to have R installed on your computer, You can install it from CRAN or the lastest version from github. Then you just have to load the library, and read the documentation.

Happy computing.


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