Installation of ArcView 3.3

Disclaimer: This application is now obsolete and is no longer supported by the Centre Informatique. It is only worth installing it if you want to use legacy scripts that have not yet been ported to ArcGIS. For all other uses, we advise to use the latest ArcGIS product.

  1. Run //softboss/soft/SIG/ArcView 3.3/CD ArcView GIS 3.3 for Windows/Setup.exe
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions (do not forget to stipulate the ncessary extension (e.g. Spatial Analystt or 3D Analyst))
  3. At the first use of ArcView, you will have to provide registration numbers. You can find them on //softboss/soft/SIG/ArcView 3.3/Registration_Numbers.txt