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«Source of the Rhône and glacier of la Furca»

Albanis Beaumont, Jean-François (1755-1812), Draughtsman, illustrator

Original source
Travels from France to Italy through the Lepontine Alps, 1800, 28 illustrations

Lausanne Cantonal and University Library, cote: AC 389

Description (in French)
Vue depuis un plateau qui domine le glacier du Rhône. Des voyageurs et des guides observant l'imposante étendue.


Engraving, Coloured

300 x 203 mm

Place in book
Illustration (out of text) - Vol. I, p. 200, pl. XXIV



Landscape, Natural sciences

Broadleaf trees Rocks Travellers Glaciers Mountains


Continent: Europe

Geographical area: Western Europe

State: Switzerland

Historical state: Helvetic Republic

Region/Canton: Valais

Mountain range: Alps, Urner Alps

Glacier: Rhone Glacier

Watercourse, river: Rhone


Pass: Furka Pass

The three transparent sources rise at the back of the hill, at the basis of which stand the small chalets or huts, as represented in the drawing, the author having taken the view from the top of a small plateau, or flat surface, which commands the extensive glacier of La Furca, and Icy Vault, from where issues a part of the Rhône, as described. On the right stands the mountain which bears its name, and on the left the basis of the Grimsel.

Author texts Document:  Vol. I, p. 199, ligne 29 - p. 203, ligne 8
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Document: Vol. I, p. 199, ligne 29 - p. 203, ligne 8
Indexing/description: Daniela Vaj, Lausanne University