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Interested in a PhD or PostDoc in Computational Biology?

Research in Biology has an increasing demand for computational approaches. In particular new high-throughput technologies generate enormous amounts of data, which call for new analysis approaches. The questions that can be addressed with these data are fascinating: What are the genes that affect disease risks or drug efficacy? Can we model how developing tissue is patterned? What are the basic properties governing genetic regulation and how is it organized?

We are always looking for outstanding applicants interested in applying their quantitative training (e.g. in physics, computer science or statistics) to such challenges in Computational Biology. We are a very international group in the Department of Computational Biology at the University of Lausanne and communicate mostly in English. Switzerland offers very competitive academic salaries and a fantastic life-style in the Swiss Riviera with some of the world's best skiing in close proximity.

Please send your application (including a CV) to bergmann.sven@gmail.com with the subject line 'job application' if:

  • You like to tackle new problems and think of original solutions.
  • You are able to translate your ideas into practical (computer) applications.
  • You are willing to learn biology and work in a team together with biologists and clinicians.