Softwares by A. Hirzel

Biomapper is a kit of GIS- and statistical tools designed to build habitat suitability (HS) models and maps for any kind of animal or plant. It is centred on the Ecological Niche Factor Analysis (ENFA) that allows to compute HS models without the need of absence data.

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ChromoMapper is a free, user-friendly tool designed to visualize the arrangement of genes in the genome and to emphasize syntenic relationships within or among genomes. Given several species with gene positions and consensus names, it assemble, display and quantify gene order relationships.

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EcoGenetics offers a set of tools to study spatially-explicit metapopulations. It provides spatial ecologists and population geneticists with an user-friendly package of simulation and analysis tools. It is centred on a spatial interface that allows defining all kinds of landscape configurations, from real landscapes (e.g. stemming from Geographic Information Systems) to theoretical structures (e.g. island model, circles, grid). Despite its simplicity of use, EcoGenetics is both versatile and fast.

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