WingX: Systems Biology of the Drosophila Wing

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Some people of our group are part of the Swiss WingX project. The goal of this project is to generate quantitative datasets that serve as input for multi-scale modeling approaches of wing development and morphogenesis. These models will make experimentally testable predictions on the biophysical properties and molecular regulatory circuits that control the basic size and shape of the wing. In our group, we will investigate among other things how (and how much!) robustness is achieved during wing imaginal disc patterning.


Introductory reading

  • Introduction to Systems Biology, Uri Alon
  • Developmental Biology, Gilbert

Recommended reading


  • Review on morphogens [1]
  • Review on Dpp gradient formation [2]
  • Dpp gradient formation with facilitated (restricted) external diffusion [3]
  • Wingless gradient formation [4] (see [5] for modeling)

Growth and size regulation

  • From the tissue perspective [6]


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