SISG, in person -- July 17-19, 2023
Module: Statistical Genetics


    Bruce Weir: [web]
    Jerome Goudet: [web]

This web site is a companion to the Official course website and will be updated as we progress through the course


Pre module

If you need to an R refresher: [web]

List of programs to install before the module (see programs for details)

Before everything else, make sure that the programs and packages below are installed before the class. In order to install these, you very likely need to have admin access to your hard disk and system. If you do not have these accesses, ask your local IT person to install them, again, before the class.

Course notes

  1. Allele frequencies and Variances
  2. Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium
  3. Inbreeding and Relatedness
  4. Population Structure
  5. Quantitative Trait Analyses. Heritability and GWAS


  1. Practical 1: Loading genetic data into R, Simulating Data, Allelic frequencies [html]
  2. Practical 2: Hardy Weinberg equilibrium[html]
  3. Practical 3: Inbreeding and kinship[html]
  4. Practical 4: population structure[html]
  5. Practical 5: Quantitative genetics and heritability estimation[html]




Hierfstat related

Data set analyses and other stuff


ms and msprime (mspms)

QuantiNemo: [web]

Review of available population genetics analyses programs