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Daniel Marbach

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The overarching aim of my research is to advance the impact of large-scale biomedical data on human health. Having a background in computer science and machine learning, I am developing novel tools that leverage heterogeneous, high-dimensional data to identify context- and patient-specific disease mechanisms. For example, in recent work I introduced integrative models bridging the current gap between genetic risk factors and disease outcomes by layering in tissue-specific molecular circuits that are disrupted by variants occurring in our genome. Mapping these context-specific disease circuits will be key to develop better biomarkers and personalized therapeutics.

I have a strong interest in open, collaborative approaches to tackle these problems. As part of the DREAM Challenges, I develop and lead crowdsourced competitions addressing key challenges in systems biology and personalized medicine. By bringing together hundreds of researchers and citizens with diverse backgrounds working on the same problem, these open data challenges leverage the wisdom of crowds to accelerate biological and biomedical discoveries.

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  • Address: Rue du Bugnon 27 - CH-1011 Lausanne - Switzerland
  • Cell phone: +41-78-966-3168
  • e-mail: daniel.marb...@gmail.com (fill in the blank)