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Name Telephone Current Projects Present
Sven Bergmann (Principal Investigator) 54 52 Computational analyses of biological systems 04/05-
Micha Hersch (Researcher) 52 46 Computational modeling of biological processes 10/08-
Rico Rueedi (Postdoc) 54 02 Metabolomics 05/10-
Tanguy Corre (Postdoc) 54 02 Genome-wide Association Analyses 05/11-
Daniel Marbach (Postdoc) 53 78 Network-based interpretation of genetic variants 08/13-
Reyhan Sönmez (PhD student) 54 56 Genome-wide association analysis on RNA-Seq data 08/14-
Sarvenaz Choobdar (Postdoc) 54 01 Biological network study 06/15-
Roger Mallol Parera (Postdoc) 54 56 Metabolomics 09/15-
Mirjam Mattei (Master student) 54 56 Metabolomics 11/16-
Tugce Bilgin Sonay (Postdoc) 04/17-
Mattia Tomasoni (PhD student) 54 56 Metabolomics 05/17-

from outside dial +41 (0) 21 692 [extension]
e-mail addresses: [first name].[last name without spaces]

Former Group Members

Name Projects Present
Andreas Kaufmann (Research assistant) Phenotypic robustness and gender 10/16- 5/17
David Lamparter (PhD student) Data integration for Genome-wide Association Analyses 05/11-06/16
Katarina Cisarova (Master student) Cardio-vascular genetic risk factor related analysis of gene expression. 01/15-07/15
Andrea Prunotto (Postdoc) Analysis of large-scale biomedical data 04/11-12/14
Charlotte Hor (Visiting postdoc) 05/14-12/14
Sascha Dalessi (Postdoc) Modeling of patterning processes in Drosophila development 01/09-12/13
Tania Ngo (intern) Trhr and blood pressure drug response in mice 08/13-11/13
Tim Hohm (Postdoc) Modeling gene regulative networks responsible for light-responses in plants 01/10-06/13
Nadya Monina (Postdoc) Laboratory evolution of E coli and Staphylococcus aureus 04/11-06/13
Diana Marek (PhD student, then Postdoc) Pharmacogenetics study of Swiss HIV cohort data

Analysis of large-scale clinical and genetic data

Barbara Piasecka (PhD student, joint with Prof. Marc Robinson-Rechavi) Comparative modular analysis of gene expression in vertebrate development 10/08-03/13
Aitana Morton de Lachapelle (PhD student) Modeling of patterning processes in Drosophila development 02/07-9/11
Bastian Peter (Postdoc) Modular analysis of clinical microarray data 03/06-03/11
Gábor Csárdi (Postdoc) Analysis of EuroDia data 01/08-03/11
Zoltán Kutalik (Postdoc) Genome-wide association studies 05/06-2/11
Armand Valsesia (PhD student, joint with Prof. Victor Jongeneel) CNV analysis 07/07-02/11
Karen Kapur (Postdoc) Integrative Analysis of Genetic Interactions 10/08-02/11
Andreas Lüscher (Postdoc/Programmer) Development of module visualization and analysis tools 09/09-12/09
Toby Johnson (Postdoc, joint with Prof. Murielle Bochud) Analysis of CoLaus data 05/07-04/09
Alain Sewer (Postdoc) Human microRNA analysis using microarray data 07/06-12/08