Intermediate report meeting 2012

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On Friday 30 March 2012 we will have our "intermediate meeting" at 9:30 in the room 219 (Bugnon 27, 1005 Lausanne).

The goals of this meeting are:

  • to makes sure you understand the motivation for your project
  • to assure the goals of the project are clear to you
  • to verify you know what tools to use to achieve these goals
  • to give you the opportunity to share any preliminary results

Each group of students will give a (powerpoint) presentation of no more than 15 minutes with (at least) the following slides:

1. Title of your project, your names, the name(s) of your supervisor(s) and (optionally) one image that characterizes your project and/or photos of yourselves!

2. Background: Why is this project relevant/interesting?

3. Goal(s) of your project: No more than 3 items!

4. Methodology: At least one slide on algorithms, equations, etc. that you are using

5. Challenges: What is likely to be the most difficult part in your project?

6. Preliminary results (if any)

7. Feedback: Any suggestion to improve the (second half of) course in general?

Divide the slides among the study group members equally such that everybody will have the opportunity (or challenge :-) to present. See (my personal) Golden rules for a good presentation for advise.

Send your presentation by e-mail to me and upload them to the wiki!

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