Modeling of gradient formation in "Drosophila" embryos

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Background: Cell fate and patterning in a developing tissue require positional information which can be provided by the establishment of diffusive morphogen gradients. Bicoid (Bcd), involved in the anterior-posterior patterning of the early "Drosophila" embryo, is a well known example of morphogen.

Goals: The first goal of the project is to understand how to model diffusive morphogen gradient formation and solve the problem (mathematically and numerically). The second goal is to explicitly study how modifications in the model affect the final solution.

Mathematical tools: The student will learn to solve ordinary differential equations and use mathematical softwares (Matlab and Mathematica) in order to explicitly solve the problem.

Supervisor: Sascha Dalessi

Students: Sevrine Antille, Laure Cattin, Thomas Martignier

Presentation (in French) : Media:ModelingMorphogenGradients.pdf

(Project in Course: "Solving Biological Problems that require Math")