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We are involved in a Genome-wide Association Study on narcolepsy conducted by Mehdi Tafti's Group at the University of Lausanne. In brief, we identified a haplotype in the HLA-region that is strongly protective against narcolepsy. More than 10% of HLA-positive controls carry this DRB1*1301-DQB1*0603 haplotype, which was found in virtually no narcoleptic cases. The research findings were published in Nature Genetics.

Hyun Hor, Zoltán Kutalik, Yves Dauvilliers, Armand Valsesia, Gert J Lammers, Claire E H M Donjacour, Alex Iranzo, Joan Santamaria, Rosa Peraita Adrados, José L Vicario, Sebastiaan Overeem, Isabelle Arnulf, Ioannis Theodorou, Poul Jennum, Stine Knudsen, Claudio Bassetti, Johannes Mathis, Michel Lecendreux, Geert Mayer, Peter Geisler, Antonio Benetó, Brice Petit, Corinne Pfister, Julie Vienne Bürki, Gérard Didelot, Michel Billiard, Guadalupe Ercilla, Willem Verduijn, Frans H J Claas, Peter Vollenweider, Peter Vollenwider, Gerard Waeber, Dawn M Waterworth, Vincent Mooser, Raphaël Heinzer, Jacques S Beckmann, Sven Bergmann, Mehdi Tafti
Genome-wide association study identifies new HLA class II haplotypes strongly protective against narcolepsy.
Nat. Genet.: 2010, 42(9);786-9
[PubMed:20711174] [] [DOI]