My name is Armand and I am a joint PhD student with Pr. Bergmann and Pr. Jongeneel.

My main interests are in detecting Copy Number Variation from micro-arrays (SNP arrays and CGH) and how such variation relates with the phenotype.

Some other projects I am also involved, include :

  • studying the evolution and polymorphisms of some cancer-related genes.
  • how to store structural variants in databases and how to visualize them.


    Armand Valsesia
    Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
    Bâtiment Génopode, UNIL
    1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
    e-mail: Armand.Valsesia AT

Some usefull links

  • A nice listing of software for Ultra High Throughput Sequencing Data (UHTS)
  • how to deploy a VNC server (Vnc)