Tutorial program autumn 2014: Genomics, ecology, evolution, etc

For this new session of our tutorial, these are the papers that we will discuss:

Boyle et al 2014 Comparative analysis of regulatory information and circuits across distant species. Nature 512, 453–456

Liu et al 2014 Population Genomics Reveal Recent Speciation and Rapid Evolutionary Adaptation in Polar Bears. Cell 157, 785–794

Lazaridis 2014 Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans. Nature 513, 409–413

Wang et al 2014 The genome sequence of African rice (Oryza glaberrima) and evidence for independent domestication. Nature Genetics 46, 982–988

Gallant et al 2014 Genomic basis for the convergent evolution of electric organs. Science 344, 1522-1525

Carbone et al. 2014 Gibbon genome and the fast karyotype evolution of small apes.     Nature 513, 195–201

Moreno-Estrada et al. 2014 The genetics of Mexico recapitulates Native American substructure and affects biomedical traits. Science 344, 1280-1285

Soria-Carrasco et al. 2014 Stick Insect Genomes Reveal Natural Selection’s Role in Parallel Speciation. Science 344, 738-742

Dates: 31.10, 7.11, 14.11, 21.11, 28.11, 5.12, 12.12, 19.12.