In 2004 two ancient globes, overlooked until then, were reported at the University of Lausanne. Unfortunately, they were largely forgotten again until 2010, when they mounted an exciting comeback lasting until 2016.

Good heavens, two Mercator globes !

July 2004
Prof Bernard Hauck informs his colleague that there are two unidentified ancient globes in a room at the Physical Sciences building […]


The globes belong to UNIL

11 May 2005
Who owns these globes actually ? The University of Lausanne and the Cantonal and University Library sign an agreement […]


Two women enter the scene

Spring 2010
The project is relaunched by setting up a working group under the aegis of Unicom and with the support of the Faculty of Geosciences and the Environment […]


Capturing the globes in images

Laurent Dubois of the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne at Dorigny photographs the globes for the first time in high definition […]