All the tests run from 2012 to 2014 demonstrated that the UNIL globes were authentic and not 1875 facsimiles or modern copies. It was therefore important to think of their future and have them restored, a concern that made it necessary to move them one last time: to the laboratories of the Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK | ISEA) in Zurich. There the globes were cleaned and consolidated with a view to conserving and exhibiting them. This chapter presents the material observations of the institute’s researchers in detail.

Transfer to the Swiss Institute for Art Research

10 November 2014
The Institute for Art Research in Zurich is asked not only to restore the globes but also to analyse and summarise all the test results obtained thus far […]


Condition of the globes prior to their restoration

November 2014
The exact condition of the globes prior to their restoration is determined and described by the restoration manager. Her report reveals that the globes were already restored at an earlier unknown date […]


Restoration and conservation

The globes are cleaned and consolidated by Margaux Genton, an assistant restorer at SIK|ISEA. The final report provides full details of the work performed […]