Journal Club (spring 2012)

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Journal Club is every other Thursday, from 12-13, in the small meeting room. Feel free to bring your lunch.

The schedule is indicated below. If it is your turn, please indicate the paper you are presenting by Monday and update the calendar accordingly. It can be any paper of scientific interest. Alternatively, you can also give tutorials on any scientific topic that may be of interest to other members of the group or invite an external speaker.

January 19

Sandra will present

February 2nd

Sven: "Connecting points by Smooth Connection Functions defines shapes in the smoothest possible way" (Paper)

March 2 (Friday at 2)

David will present the following paper


  1. yang2010 pmid=20562875


March 15

Zoltán will present: <biblio>

  1. aa pmid=22391999


March 29

Micha will talk about statistical analysis of rnaseq data, with the following papers: <biblio>

  1. ab pmid=20167110
  2. bb pmid=20979621


April 12

Tanguy will present


  1. bc pmid=22065777


April 26

Nadya is going to discuss following paper: <biblio>

  1. Kolesov pmid=17709750


May 24

Diana will present the following paper: <biblio>

  1. Stephens pmid=19590391


May 31

Aurélien will present:

8. The "impact factor" revisited Peng Dong, Marie Loh and Adrian Mondry*


June 7


June 21


July 5

July 19


Aging, Rejuvenation, and Epigenetic Reprogramming: Resetting the Aging Clock