In the fabric of space and in the nature of matter, as in a great work of art, there is, written small, the artist’s signature.Carl Sagan

The celestial globe found at the University of Lausanne is remarkably well conserved. Moreover, one cannot help but be struck by its beauty. The visual representation of the constellations is enchanting, plunging the beholder into a cosmography inherited from the world’s oldest myths.

Celestial sphere

The sphere of Mercator’s celestial globe is covered with twelve gores extending to the 70th parallels, with each polar region capped by a round calotte […]



In his representation of the constellations and their nomenclature, Mercator produced the most comprehensive celestial globe of the 16th century […]



The celestial globe has two insets, one a dedication and the other an intellectual property notice, along with an inscription of the place and date of publication […]