Genome-wide association studies on various clinical phenotypes

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We will have various projects on genome-wide association studies. Each project will focus on a different clinical phenotype, but share the same general approach and use the same genotypic data.

Background: The Cohorte Lausannoise (CoLaus) includes more than 6,000 individuals that have been extensively phenotyped for clinical observables related to cardiovascular risk factors and who have been genotyped for about half a million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

Goal: The goal of each project is to perform a genome-wide association study that will potentially identify SNPs that are related to the phenotype of interest.

Mathematical tools: The tool of choice for this project is regression analysis. The student will learn the basics of regressing a given phenotype to a genotype and how this analysis is implemented on a computer to handle a large number of SNPs. If time permits the student will explore the effect of other phenotypes as covariables and/or environmental interactions.

Biological or Medical aspects: The “biology supervisor” will provide background of the medical significance of phenotype of interest in the general population and in the context of cardiovascular risks.

Supervisors: Zoltan Kutalik, Pedro Marques-Vidal, Murielle Bochud & Sven Bergmann

References: see Genome Wide Association Studies

Students: to be announced